Tuesday, July 8, 2008


We are at our psych eval at San Diego Regional Center. Javi has one
every couple of years. Pretty much to see if it's time to cut off his
services. Well, I think he needs them now more than ever, but we'll
see what happens. Javi's sensory needs have been overwhelming lately.
He needs input just about every 5-10 mins as compared to a few months
ago only needing it once an hour. He is showing much more classic
autistic behaviors as he gets older. I am not sure if something
changes in his brain as he ages or if just the demands and
responsibilites change, this is his coping technique. It could be a
combination of the two. I am going to investigate treatment options
for his sensory needs. He already does OT at school and has a sensory
diet, but these days that just isn't enough.

Hope all goes well. Javi just went back for the first part of the
eval. To be continued...

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