Thursday, March 6, 2008

Our Day at Wild Animal Park

We had a great time with Auntie Cheri, Uncle Jeff and Grandma at the Wild Animal Park yesterday. Here are some pics of our trip. First pic is a mama and her baby giraffe that was born a week ago. They were so cute nuzzling and loving each other.

Javi and Ethan were acting like a couple of gorillas. Javi was especially interested in the story I told about the time gorillas threw poo on the onlooking crowd. It was poo this and poo that. He even asked me if the little girl that was standing next to us was crying because a gorilla thew poo at her. You know Javi, once he gets on the potty talk, it's hard to get off the subject. Unfortunately, we were not near a bathroom at the time. I usually send Javi and Ethan to the bathroom when they continuously talk about bowel functions. That was a trick I learned from an old pro and it seems to work. They get it out of their system.

Last pic is Javi while we were trekking across the wilds of Africa. We had fun naming all the animals. Funny how the wild animals seemed surprisingly more tame than my children!


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