Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Poor Javi ;( (Continued again)

The lip saga continues...

Javi's lip just doesn't seem to be getting that much better. It would definitely be healed by now if he could just stop playing with it. I kept him home from school today because I had a call from the teacher yesterday. She was concerned about his inability to concentrate because he was so fixated on his lip. She did not suggest keeping him at home, she was just wondering what they could do at school. I hate to keep him out with all the budget stuff going on, because technically, he isn't sick. However, he is not eating at school, not playing and unable to concentrate on his work, so I thought it best to keep him home to monitor him. I did make a doctor's appointment for him this afternoon. Although, I spoke to the nurse this morning and she said that we are doing everything we should be doing and there isn't much they can do for him (soft food, high calorie shakes, antibiotic ointment and Vitamin E). She thought it would be a good idea for him to be seen because he hasn't been seen by anyone since the lip injury. We have an appointment at 3pm today. We are hoping that seeing the doctor will act as a scare tactic and get him to stop touching it. You know how it is with kids, sometimes if it comes from someone else, they listen.

We are concerned with the lip, but more concerned by the fact that he isn't eating well. He did manage to eat a pancake for breakfast and most of a high calorie smoothie (mom's special blend). I stopped at the drug store this morning to pick up some pediasure and skin colored bendable silicon band aids to cover his lip. Hopefully that will help with the weight loss and keep him from constantly breaking his lip open. We are also treating his lip with Neosporin Plus and Lysine Fever Blister meds with a lot of natural healing ingredients. Fingers crossed there is no infection. It doesn't look infected, but I would not be surprised at all if it was with how much he touches it.

My poor little guy! Hopefully it will heal soon.

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